Single Session

(4 Hours) – $250

Single sessions are not usually sufficient to complete a project. They are appropriate for very small spaces or for those who want professional assistance to begin a plan and finish it on their own.


Package Pricing

– 2 Session Package. (8 Hours) $450. (10% Discount)

– 4 Session Package (16 Hours) $850 (15% Discount)

– 6 Session Package (24 Hours) $1275 (15% Discount)

– 8 Session Package (32 Hours) $1700 (15% Discount)

– 12 Session Package (48 Hours) $2400 (20% Discount)

– Maintenance Package (4 Hours monthly) $200

Included in All Packages:

60 min complementary in-home consultation

Shopping time for needed supplies

Time spent in designing organizing solutions for each job

Appointment scheduling for outside service providers
(Client is responsible for payment to outside providers e.g. handymen, etc.)

Transportation of items to consignment (if client wishes to sell)

Hauling of trash and/or donations after session

Phone/e-mail communication during and up to 2 weeks after job

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