Let your spaces give you comfort and joy!

Your living and work spaces should give you a sense of nurture & calm … an invitation to walk in, work, rest and enjoy.


This Mess is a Place helps you tackle the everyday messes that your busy life often neglects. We LOVE to organize and renew your spaces to help you rejuvenate your mind and spirit when you enter them.

I’ll work with you side-by-side or do it all for you in a non-threatening, personalized plan of action.

Let This Mess is a Place be your personal organizing solution!

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   – Evelyn Hardy

Kitchen Re-Organization – 2018

My Clients Love My Work!

… and you will too!
  • Thank you so much, Evi! When I moved into my new house, you took charge of emptying boxes and organizing all my kitchen things. You were so intuitive about where everything should go. You not only read my kitchen well, but you read me as the primary user of that space. My silverware is accessible, drinkware is close to the sink, pans and bakeware are under or beside the stove, dishes are next to stovetop and ovens for easy plating. You even created a corner baking nook where all my supplies, bakeware, measuring tools and mixer can be accessed effortlessly. You put so much thought into where all my kitchen things got placed. Frankly, you did it better than I could have. I haven’t changed a thing.

    Shari R.
    Shari R. Author
  • Evi was the ideal work partner. Positive. Fresh ideas. Hard working. And Fun! Together we powered through our piles of post-move-clutter and produced clean and relaxing living space. Not only is the place clean, it’s coordinated and cute. A fresh pair of eyes can look at your belongings and coordinate them in a new light. It’s the best self-care activity I can think of because it keeps on giving and giving.

    Mook-Lan N. Physician
  • On time, responsive, very pleasant and has a very practical + thoughtful approach to organizing. Thank you, Evi!

    Carlo P. Software Engineer
  • Evi has been wonderful to work with in my office space and sewing room. She’s full of ideas, yet doesn’t overstep boundaries of my likes and dislikes. She’s very helpful guiding me through the processes of organizing. Purging paper files of years of accumulation freed up so much space! AND she took them to the shredders for disposal! She has a sweet disposition and is easy to work with. I’ll be using her again on my next project...THE GARAGE!!!

    Linda D. Artist
  • I work full time as a senior advocate attorney and have no time to deal with my stuff. When moving into a new home, Evi organized my kitchen, putting everything where it would typically go and freeing me from having to get involved in the process, which I have no patience, time or ability to do. She also organized my closets, sorting my clothes by season and type, and arranging the drawers of my dressers. This was a great relief to me because when faced with all this I become overwhelmed and having Evi come in and do it all for me was a great relief. I love my new condo and the order that she has created!

    Joyce G. Senior Advocate Lawyer
  • Evi is a fantastic organizer and resorted a very cluttered closet for me. I had just had a baby and organizing was the last thing I was able to accomplish while caring for a newborn. Evi is extremely effective in taking a space from disorderly to very functional in a short amount of time. I fully recommend her organizing services.

    Mairin H.
    Mairin H. Real Estate Agent

Living Room Re-Organization – 2018

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