Evelyn Hardy is the founder of This Mess is a Place.

As a former busy homeschool mother of six now grown children and a Special Education teacher for the past ten years, she has acquired not only the skill of organizing on many fronts, but also the understanding and compassion for women who have many irons in the fire. Not having any available relatives to aid her with her home and children, Evelyn had to develop skills and strategies to make things work! In addition, her love for rustic design and simplicity led her to strive for organized and attractive spaces, including her home office and small areas of her 1922 home. These are the gifts that she would love to share with her clients.

From a love of organization that Evelyn acquired from her late father, she enthusiastically strives to help her clients create comforting and efficient spaces that they will love to enter. She focuses on individualized plans that meet the personal needs, personalities, and desires of her clients, including their respective routines, room layouts, and needs that fit their lifestyle preferences.

Evelyn has been impressed by the verse from Proverbs that states “A wise woman builds her house”, and strives to live by that principle. She would love to help others along that path in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way regardless of the struggles of life that they have faced.

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Evelyn Hardy

Professional Organizer Serving: Yuba, Sutter, Butte, & Placer Counties

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